Benriach 31 years Menteith Macbeth Thanes 70 CL 53,1 %

8.299,00 kr
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  • Benriach 31 years Menteith Macbeth Thanes 70 CL 53,1 %

Benriach 31 years Menteith Macbeth Thanes 70 CL 53,1 %

8.299,00 kr
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A collection of forty two different whiskys from the length and breadth of Scotland,
each representing a character from the Tragedy of Macbeth by William Shakespeare.

THE LEADS - Five Regal Malts
THE THANES - Twelve Noble Malts
THE GHOSTS - Six Ghost Distillery Whiskys
THE WITCHES - Four Smoky Whiskys
THE MURDERERS - Four Island Malts
THE HOUSEHOLD - Ten Characterful Whiskys

It is the ultimate Scottish family drama; akin to the history of the Scotch whisky
industry itself. Feuds, triumphs, allegiances and betrayals...
The play is full of great characters, perfect to build whisky profiles around.
From bright to dark, light to heavy, all Scotch whisky can be represented.
There are a fixed number of characters - meaning the series is finite.
This is key when creating a meaningful collection.
The characters are of different ages and status, giving an internal structure to the collection
that the audience will understand, from very old rare malts for the lead characters,
to more affordable characterful whiskies for the members of the household.
There are, famously, three witches in the play, surrounding a cauldron and casting a spell.
What better analogy for creating a magnificent blend?
There are also six ghosts, perfect for a set of six ghost distillery malts and grains.
World’s most famous living illustrator
Published in over sixty languages
Knighted in 2015
Admitted to Légion d’honneur in 2015
Large scale exhibitions at major international institutions
Largest Markets in order:
US, UK, France, Mainland China, Spain, RoW
Quentin Blake produces hardly any commercial illustration
and is highly collectable among HNW adults.

This Collection containe one of each:

Ardbeg 19 Years - 51,7% First Witch 70 Cl

Benriach 31 Years 53,1% Menteith 70 cl

Linkwood 31 Years 48% Lady Macduff 70 cl

Glen Garioch 31 Years 54,6% Angus 70 cl

Cambus 31 Years 46,2% First Ghost 70 cl

Isle of Mull 18 years 50,5% First Murderer 70 cl

Blair Athol 10 Years 51,8% Bloody Sergeant 70 cl

Ardmore 12 Years 52,5% Seyton 70 cl
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